Wall wrap
Have a special project in mind either interior or exterior and not sure if it's doable ask CarWrapUS the experts. We can wrap walls, that's right walls!! Maybe you were thinking of hiring an artist to try to replicate a specific art piece by "Picasso" on your living room wall, dining room wall or maybe an office waiting room, that would cost thousands of dollars, we can print the artwork on special 3M wall vinyl, laminate it and install it with our 3M certified installers right in your home for a 1/4 of the cost. We have wrapped many special projects including but not limited to desks, tables, truck toppers, wall signs,ballet boxes, city utility boxes, electric toy cars, parking lot sign, wood bords signs etc. Just ask and we will let you know if your special project is doable!!
Types of walls
Wall wraps will not interfere with any existing doorways, trim, electrical outlets etc. An interior wall surface should be smooth, clean and in good condition, if the wall should be already painted and any paint finish will suffice. To clean a wall wrap a simple soft cloth towel and mild soap will be fine, no harsh chemicals should be used on the vinyl. We can wrap aluminum wall as well, like those found in elevators or utility boxes found around the city.
All our wall wraps are removable, so you can change the look of your surroundings whenever you feel the need for a change. The wall wraps will not damage most walls during removal if properly installed and removed by professional installers.