How it works
3 steps

Your project completion speed is based on a first come, first served basis. We like to think of you and us as a team, the faster you complete things like payments, artwork feedback, and sign-offs, the sooner we can continue to work and ultimately, schedule your installation! Rush services are also available. Contact us for details!

If youíre art is ready, it can be produced within 2 days. If not, the design process takes about a week, then 2 days for printing and finishing.

It varies from project to project, but it typically takes 1 week from the day you put down your deposit, to the day you are installed. We have nearly every vehicle's measurements in our system but, we may request additional measurements if needed, in which case you would have to stop by the office with your your vehicle and it should take no longer than 15 minutes. Installation usually takes 1 day but can vary depending on your particular vehicle and coverage requested. Our 3M certified installers work quickly and preciously to get you back in your vehicle asap! Read below the process in detail.

Step 1

As soon as a deposit is given ranging from $99 - $350 the design process is started, we design with you personally by gathering your ideas, vision, logo, color scheme, fonts etc.

With insight into your business, we can design an image for you that is not only visually appealing but that is also in tune with what your company specializes in and any extra services you may offer. We will email you your first layout/proof within 48 hours, after placing your deposit.

Step 2

Once you view your design you can make any and all changes you would like, either by emailing us, calling us or stopping by the office. If no changes are needed simply select the desired design (layout) right in our system, email us selected layout or stop by the office and we will print out the layout for you and you can sign off on it and pay the remaining balance and it will get sent to print & laminate right away.

You may receive several designs, each one unique in it's own way yet incorporating your companies' logo or specialities. From the layout choices given you can let us know which one you prefer, although the majority of our clients find the design they are looking for in the first presentation, you are allowed to make changes. You are entitled to 2 design revisions/corrections at no charge, we will email you your revised layout within 2 days of said change, we want you to be 100% happy with your customized design.

Step 3

After youíve chosen your design itís time to sign-off on your artwork and take care of the remaining balance so we can go to print! Install dates are given on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner we receive your sign-off and payment, the faster we can get you installed!

On the day of your scheduled installation drop off your vehicle cleaned meaning; washing with soap and water, no waxing or compounding prior to drop off. Our installation warehouse is a climate controlled facility and plan on leaving the vehicle there 1 to 2 days schedule your work schedule and transportation accordingly. The average vehicle is installed in 1 day, larger sized vehicles such as cargo vans and buses etc. may take 2-3 days. We will call you when your vehicle will be ready for pick up.