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There's only 1 impression that matters. It's the 1st impression.
Your first impression is always the one that makes a lasting impression with your customers, a brand along with a visual image attached to it can appeal to the consumer even if in the sub-conscious. Visual images can paint can paint a picture, describe a product or brand even with little or no text. Simply having a vehicle wrap doesn't guarantee people will buy from you, but it does guarantee that you will upmost exposure and millions of people will be looking at your brand or services. It is our job to make sure that each time your wrap is seen, it leaves a positive, lasting impression so that when your service is needed your company is the first to get called. From that point it is up to you to demonstrate to them what great service you have. By choosing CarWrapUS as your car wrap company we guarantee 100% that we will work with you to create the perfect image and message for your company to increase your client base.
Why wrap your car ?

It has been proven by professionals investigations that one vehicle wrap with an effective design can generate millions of views & inquires per year. While their are a variety of marketing & advertising tools available such as a professional paint job, which can be quite costly or magnets which are less expensive but not as effective in the long term use. Vehicle wraps are lower in cost and the longevity of the wrap spans 5 years plus, unlike paint job advertising vehicle wraps are removable when your ready to turn in that leased vehicle. With a vehicle wrap you are guaranteeing because of the exposure, that you will make the money spent on the wrap back, it will pay for itself plus grow your customer base and profits alike. While we as potential customers are driving along the road we are very vigulant to our surroundings, the more we see a brand, image, logo or slogan of a company it is photographed in our minds. For example we see a delivery truck with a vehicle wrap or a billboard on the highway while driving around, that image becomes embedded subconsciously in our minds. In turn when the need arrives for a customer to purchase or needs a service your company will be the first one that comes to mind and you will be contacted.

What is a wrap ?

Vehicle wrap advertising is a marketing practice of fully or partially covering a vehicle in a 3M vinyl material advertisement either a full sheet or decals made to size. The outcome is a mobile billboard, the wrap can be applied to and cover a wide range of vehicles from a Passenger Bus, RV, Trucks, Vans, Cars and Boats. While some vehicles have more curved surface that others or more accent features on them the wrap can be applied. The vinyl is removable and won't damage the paint underneath. The longer the wrap has been on the vehicle, the harder it is to remove plus outdoor elements play a factor as well, but all wraps are 100% removable.

Other benfits

We ONLY use the best 3M products available in today's industry. The entire vinyl wrap is laminated/clear coated over top with a 3M lamination film, which protects the wrap against scratching, UV rays and also gives that shiny professional finish.

One of the many benefits that makes vehicle advertising so attractive is the actual cost involved to produce a wrap. With variations in range from partial to full wrap, CarWrapUS has something for every business budget. We will work with you and keep in mind you can always add more wrap as soon as your budget permits, we have wraps starting from $250.

Vehicle wraps make a lasting impression and make the company's image that of a reputable & professional company, when pulling up to a clients residence or place of business to perform services or simply making a delivery.

Paint protection
Vehicle wraps protect the original paint against sun damage, minor abrasions and small nicks. The vinyl can also be removed after a promotion has ended or the company has a vehicle turn over, leaving the original paint in tact. Our perforated vinyl will not affect the existing tent film on glass windows either.

Vehicle Wraps attack attention and recognition and delivers the message visibly to all areas you commute to and from. Whether you work in the city, town or have your vehicle just parked in a high traffic shopping mall your business will be noticed!!